Scheduled For Release 2018-06-21
0013824: [Addressbook] Unable to add new contact (pschuele)
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Scheduled For Release 2100-01-01
refactoring meta version
0013124: [Felamimail] use iframe to display mail body
0012886: [Tinebase] move stuff in /library to vendor / node_modules
0012272: [Timetracker] improve updateTimeaccount handling in TS edit dialog
0012164: [Addressbook] use admin controller instead of Tinebase_User
0012038: [Tinebase] refactor abstract import classes
0011648: [Tinebase] allow recordsets as $record->relations in setRelatedData
0007030: [ActiveSync] generalize authentication in WebDAV and ActiveSync servers
0005674: [CalDAV] invent class to handle trigger values
0011532: [Setup] refactor setup session handling
0010612: [Tinebase] _setOpSqlMap in Text filter does not respect backend
0010550: [Tinebase] always use access log to fetch current user agent
0010353: [Tinebase] getContainer(byXXX) functions should allow to define combination of required grants
0009342: [Tinebase] get* container functions should be called with an object as _recordClass parameter and not the plain application name
0009906: [Tinebase] generic solution for sanitizing ids by extracting id value from array
0007492: [Tinebase] replace getMigration() with diff() when comparing Tinebase_Record_RecordSets
0004175: [Tinebase] container backend should extend generic sql backend
0007738: [Tinebase] Add old record to Tinebase_Controller_Record_Abstract::_InspectAfterUpdate function too
0004177: [Tinebase] refactor relations backend
0007648: [Tinebase] refactoring: add import/export definitions to registry in Tinebase_Frontend_Json
0005446: [Tinebase] refactor log settings
0007734: [Tinebase] refactor Tinebase/Helper.php
0007338: [Tinebase] refactoring: remove all static late binding hacks
0009222: [Tinebase] use Tinebase_Model_Tag::resolveTagNameToTag during import
0003152: [Tinebase JavaScript] Inconsistencies and usability problems in choosing recipients/people from address book
0011146: [Tinebase] move TRACE loglevel logic from Zend_Log to Tinebase_Log (pschuele)
0010558: [Tinebase] remove Tinebase_Record_RecordSet::addIndices (pschuele)
0009174: [HumanResources] refactor HRFJ::getFeastAndFreeDays (astintzing)
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Scheduled For Release 2100-03-19
reported bugs which are not scheduled for fixing
0011304: [Calendar] Event not shown in Year view, if it spans over a month boundary
0002736: [Felamimail] Courier IMAP server now seems to be unsupported
0011228: [Calendar] Calendar repeat broken - not displayed in modal dialog
0009490: [CalDAV] unattended exdates should not appear in caldav client
0007662: [CalDAV] CalDav-Kalender/ private - öffentliche Termin (Thunderbird)
0010580: [Tinebase] Tinebase_Core::initFramework death api link
0007556: [Calendar] add note should be disabled if user has no edit right
0007962: [Tinebase JavaScript] Old names of addressbook in detailed page
0009686: [Addressbook] Customfield recursion leads to failure while saving
0009002: [Felamimail] Datum ändert sich, wenn eine E-Mail über Accounts hinweg verschoben wird
0004764: [Tinebase] Tine uses a custom dbmail.schema
0008328: [Felamimail] email attachment without file extension is not sent properly
0008690: [Calendar] simultaneous copy of event by multiple users creates deadlock
0008628: [Felamimail] sending a mail produces "cannot send literal string" exception
0008630: [Voipmanager] prevent duplicate exceptions when creating sip peer
0008632: [Voipmanager] show better error message when trying to delete snom template/software still in use
0008634: [Tinebase] check imap connection first when changing pw with imap auth
0007846: [Calendar] Event editor time format
0007816: [Calendar] Calendar name not reflected correctly in event editor
0007744: [Admin] picker grid combo shrinks in groups tab
0008176: [Felamimail] do not set read flag when message is selected via ctx menu
0008250: [Unittests] fix Calendar_Controller_EventNotificationsTests.testRecuringAlarm
0008388: [Other] Login screen unusable on small resolutions, esp. smartphones
0008480: [ActiveSync] Gemeinsame Kalendereinträge werden über ActiveSync dupliziert.
0008246: [Calendar] new user gets existing personal container
0007538: [Setup] show correct error when config file is missing
0008054: [Calendar] give ressources automatically admin rights
0007998: [Packaging] The file "tabs_sprite_slope_leftright" in the "images" directory misses the ".gif" extension
0007488: [ActiveSync] Deleting or sending mail on Android device while not logged in to webfrontend
0007850: [Felamimail] The research shows error messages by date
0007672: [CalDAV] Events from tine to Kontact (KDE) are one hour wrong in winter time
0006210: [Translations] german translations (Felamimail): Email vs. Nachricht
0007446: [Calendar] handle broken alarm in outlook invitation message
0007478: [Calendar] Kalendereinträge werden nicht immer gespeichert
0007522: [Felamimail] Email attachments are displayed in the body of the msg.
0007642: [Setup] ldap backend seems to ignore minimum user id
0007644: [Setup] ldap backend: default filter should be inetOrgPerson
0007654: [Calendar] Calendar_Controller_EventNotificationsTests::testRecuringAlarm fails at midnight
0007806: [Tinebase] changing the organizer shows uuid in the history dialog and not the real names
0007802: [Admin] check if openid already exists / throw System_Generic exception
0007348: [Tinebase] Cookie error : can not login via Strato SSL-proxy
0007814: [Calendar] Mini calendar selected day not correct
0007060: [Setup] ScriptPW DCOM is deprecated after Windows XP/2003
0007752: [CalDAV] Outlook calendar sync (WebDav Collaborator) broken
0007102: [ActiveSync] Standard directories are not transfered via Active Sync to mobile devices
0007864: [Tinebase] do not allow tag occurrence to drop below 0
0007866: [Calendar] do not let wrong Calendar_Model_AttenderStatusFilter filter throw sql exception
0007862: [Felamimail] Emails and calendar invitations webconf not render correctly in browser windows-style
0007874: [Tinebase] persistent filters are missing if app has been uninstalled
0007906: [Tinebase JavaScript] add new timesheet: grid sorting does not work
0007988: [Tinebase JavaScript] Data too long for column 'note'
0007760: [Felamimail] Uploadsize message missing (html4 upload)
0010522: [Filemanager] Anonymous download link - no or wrong filesize in header
0006390: [Tinebase] BDAY stores as datetime, not date (pschuele)
0005784: [CalDAV] Lightning sends status of organizer not in attendee property (lkneschke)
0006312: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync does not work with .htaccess (Proxy) (lkneschke)
0008128: [Setup] when installing tine 2.0 and selecting ldap the error "contactSalutation already exists" is logged (lkneschke)
0008418: [Felamimail] Tinebase_Server_Json::_handleException::253 Tinebase_Exception_NotFound -> Folder FOLDERNAME not found. (mspahn)
0006104: [Tinebase] Milan release is not XHTML-compatible (astintzing)
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Scheduled For Release 2100-03-19
features requested by the tine 2.0 community
0007794: [Felamimail] E-mail preview panel to the right instead of bottom
0009538: [Tinebase] Increase security by logging login failures to system log
0007772: [Tinebase] Define filters for LDAP group syncing
0013628: [Tinebase] ldap user sync: allow to configure or auto-detect synced properties
0013692: [Calendar] Export iCal
0013686: [Addressbook] Export vCard
0013684: [Addressbook] Import vCard from email
0011316: [Tinebase JavaScript] add download action to file grid context menu
0013642: [Tinebase] Scheitert ein Update wegen eines fehlerhaften filedir, hilft eine Korrektur des Fehlers allein nicht
0013592: [Felamimail] Show size in folder-tooltip
0013394: [Setup] add "update all" button to setup gui
0013486: [Calendar] private events: show whose calendar it is...
0013480: [Tasks] Import function for tasks
0010528: [Admin] improve modlog for Accounts and Groups
0013378: [Setup] Support REDIS authentication
0011734: [Calendar] empty events in Calendar
0013344: [Setup] install from remote via setup json api
0013284: [Tinebase] Tinebase.triggerAsyncEvents fails unnoticed: send email and improve output
0013200: [Felamimail] Add "Edit as new"
0006092: [Admin] user login should work without linked contact
0009360: [Felamimail] split email addresses when comma separated
0011040: [Tinebase] ActiveSync ping should open/free database connections on each request
0012696: [Filemanager] Nice looking Downloadwindow for public Files
0007244: [CalDAV] past events via CalDAV: make configurable
0007796: [Felamimail] Magic folder for "Spam"
0006270: [Tinebase] Passwort change on LDAP directory with auth backend ldap and account backup sql
0001908: [Calendar] Show birthdays in Calendar
0001394: [Calendar] Automatically adding Birthday Entries into Calendar
0012754: [Tinebase] beautify cli output
0012738: [Tinebase] use flysystem as files backend instead of local fs
0004204: [Felamimail] add reply-to to recipient grid in email compose dlg
0012580: [Tinebase JavaScript] allow recent selection check for Filemanager/MailFiler folders
0002832: [Tasks] Tasks grouped by projects / parent tasks
0004386: [Felamimail] mailQuota LDAP Attribut über Tine konfigurierbar machen
0012440: [Calendar] Embedding of Google Calendar
0012450: [Sales] Editable Invoice Prefixes
0004094: [CRM] add additional roles to CRM
0011836: [CalDAV] allow CALDAV and CARD DAV write access from Jolla Tablet
0012510: [Felamimail] change default filter to "to or subject" when selecting sent folder
0012382: [Filemanager] clear filters should keep path (folder) filter
0011712: [HumanResources] if feastdays calendar is deleted, HR should throw an exception
0011646: [Tinebase] allow/improve manual container sort
0011654: [Calendar] rrule panel should be stateful
0012274: [CoreData] move shared tags management to CoreData
0012134: [Calendar] make default event Duration configurable
0012112: [CalDAV] Attendee strategy should be respected via caldav
0012118: [CRM] Default alarm time in task
0012128: [Setup] Include script for setup
0012096: [Tinebase] email user backends should propagate their capabilities
0012094: [Addressbook] move nominatim requests to action queue
0012002: [Tinebase] auto reload after preference change
0008528: [Admin] Allow passwords to be saved as cleartext for synchronized LDAP-/AD-Servers
0009844: [Felamimail] show conjunction operator and all conditions in sieve-rule grid
0009570: [CalDAV] DTSTART (VTODO) ignored on synchronization
0005260: [Tinebase] replace system notes with information from modlog / modlog record
0011750: [Admin] allow to set ENABLED_FEATURES config in Admin or Setup GUI
0011752: [CoreData] Support for APCu cache
0011184: [Packaging] CREDITS: fetch contributors automatically from git repo and transifex
0011636: [Addressbook] tel: Attribute in Contact Summary
0008438: [ActiveSync] Enable Activesync Notes
0010786: [ActiveSync] activesync device management: add more actions / information
0007042: [ActiveSync] FR: Syncen von SMS
0006848: [Addressbook] add vcard export
0011644: [Tinebase JavaScript] extend copy ctx menu action to all grid panels / edit dialogs
0011328: [Tinebase] Auto update of tine and it's modules
0007718: [Felamimail] Add option to mark mails as read through SIEVE-filter gui
0007196: [Felamimail] use existing sieve-filterrules
0006978: [Felamimail] add message filter "to or cc"
0005266: [Felamimail] Search for Mailheader
0005268: [Felamimail] Apply a (sieve) E-Mail filter to existing E-Mails
0004818: [Tasks] Allow printing single task entries
0007986: [Setup] Automated Backup / Restore / Upgrade Scripts or Admin Functions
0008968: [Calendar] allow to give comment when setting attender status decline/tentative
0005516: [ActiveSync] Implement ActiveSync Autodiscover
0011446: [Tinebase] Add script to clean up application_tables
0010443: [Felamimail] sendmail als zusätzliche Methode für Emailversand
0007628: [ActiveSync] Tine20 ActiveSync should have connection throttling as Exchange
0006608: [Felamimail] Create Templates Folder automatically on first save of an email template
0010299: [Felamimail] * allowing to set more operators (like 'starts with', ...) for the email text filters
0011288: [HumanResources] advanced acl for employee
0011062: [Tinebase JavaScript] restore modal windows functionality
0001882: [CRM] add 'crm type' (panel?) to contacts
0011218: [Tasks] Follow-Up of a Task / Scheduled Task -> hide a Task unto yyyy-mm-dd
0011210: [Filemanager] Public folder link for file upload
0009386: [Calendar] Assign tags to multiple selected events
0011168: [Projects] New Created Project disappears / add creator as attender
0010200: [Tinebase] Monitoring and preventing Memory Exceeds and so on
0010944: [CalDAV] edit existing ICAL import declaration via GUI
0008194: [Tinebase JavaScript] Modify Tine 2.0 Login
0011002: [UNKNOWN] Notes in tine20
0009434: [Felamimail] Multiple identities
0007828: [Calendar] Calendar Grid view > allow more than a month > year
0008912: [Felamimail] allow admins to configure all user accounts
0003974: [Tinebase] use Ext.state.Provider to persist state of trees
0009388: [Felamimail] Tab behaviour improvement / change
0009468: [Tinebase] Stripe row color - the best way?
0009802: [Calendar] add preference for timeGranularity in Calendar
0005594: [Felamimail] improve email plaintext view / printing
0002998: [Tinebase] Add a new Instant Messenger Application
0008436: [ActiveSync] Expose tasks "folders" through Activesync
0002092: [CRM] Sort leads by status or client
0010788: [Admin] invent hooking mechanism for admin panels of application as Admin module
0003714: [Other] Feature request - Registration/Lost Password/ID support
0010600: [Tinebase] Add the SQLite support
0010620: [Tinebase] allow to translate keyfields (like salution) in exports
0001720: [Tinebase JavaScript] use state to save/restore size of preview and westpanel
0009442: [Felamimail] Felamimail forgets status of preview panel
0003188: [Tinebase] Make autocomplete=off for login form configurable
0005994: [Tinebase] Save password on login-screen
0010532: [Setup] Required field for setup
0010542: [Tinebase] add modlog for applications / allow to get installation date
0009840: [Felamimail] urls without anchor tags should be replaced with links in html mail parts
0010373: [Tinebase JavaScript] History tab availability
0008902: [Calendar] Add a button to the Calendar ListView to display and search through all entries, not only one month
0001636: [Calendar] Agenda View for Calendar
0006836: [Addressbook] make adressbook filter consistent for private and company fields
0002420: [Tasks] Inform users about new placed task
0007936: [Tasks] Add finish-to-start dependency for tasks
0002724: [Felamimail] E-Mails as Task
0007046: [Tasks] Feature Request: Create tasks from emails
0002830: [Tasks] Tasks having "start date" and "end date"
0005876: [Other] Linking more ways
0005862: [Addressbook] Linking email <-> contacts
0007398: [Admin] allow to set customfield grants in Admin app
0005562: [Other] Add custom fields to all apps
       0007854: [Sales] add custom fields to sales
       0008000: [Tasks] Allow to activate Custom Fields in Tasks
0004312: [Addressbook] Generate a template with address out of adressbook
0000438: [Phone] add successful phone calls to (contact) activities
0010393: [Calendar] add alarm notification preference / configuration
0010389: [Tinebase] rehash old MD5 hashed passwords to more secure hash on login
0010303: [Addressbook] Definition for Outlook 2013 german
0010309: [Calendar] Select a group of calendars for view | Eine Gruppe von Kalendern zur Ansicht wählen
0009708: [Felamimail] Edit email as new
0010351: [Tinebase] Turn off SSL-certificate checks for mail system accounts in setup
0010357: [Tinebase JavaScript] Improving javascript debug inside Tine 2.0
0001486: [Calendar] Mini calendar on the left: write days bold that have appointments
0010301: [Felamimail] * allowing to define a default favorite in the email module
0010307: [Calendar] resource calendar | Kalender für Ressourcen
0009344: [Felamimail] save and restore interface settings (state)
0010259: [Filemanager] File permissions not on Subfolders in Sharing Folder's Root Folders
0010271: [Addressbook] Show users' group(s) as tag in address list
0008656: [Calendar] Free/Busy information for calendar resources
0003736: [Felamimail] Sortfunction for the emailaccounts
0010098: [Tinebase] firefox requires to reenter masterpassword after logout
0010104: [Felamimail] Allow to read richtext mails sent from outlook
0006746: [Sales] To automatically convert a Lead into a Sale
0009896: [Tinebase] allow to delete multiple pages in all grids
0010004: [Admin] Default rights for resource Container
0003410: [Other] IMAP authorization - autocreate accounts in Tine20
0009914: [CRM] "Customer" drop down list
0002512: [Filemanager] filemanager add possibility to mount other webdavshares ;)
0009886: [Tinebase] Rss subscription support
0002300: [Felamimail] define default signature for system accounts
0009834: [Felamimail] centralized signature management
0003180: [Felamimail] Inserting links should be noticed automatically
0009784: [HumanResources] You can't choose less than a whole day as holiday or illness.
0009706: [Felamimail] Bounce emails
0009662: [Other] user instant messaging
0009646: [Tinebase JavaScript] add anchor to links in description fields in details panel
0009432: [Filemanager] Edit, view and send files
0007938: [Projects] Add a visualization of a project with the linked tasks as a Gantt chart
0006146: [CRM] write mail to or call contact from lead edit dialog or contact edit dialog
0007852: [Tasks] Add a start date for tasks
0009562: [CRM] add filter for description field
0004117: [CRM] call and email contacts from CRM
0004232: [CRM] add copy button for leads
0009554: [Felamimail] support CRAM-MD5 authentication
0009384: [Calendar] Calendar searchable for time range
0004646: [Felamimail] Add option: selected email is not automatically marked as read
0001156: [Felamimail] Identities for sender ("From:")
0004610: [Felamimail] received date of mail gets modified when moving between two mail accounts
0009426: [Addressbook] allow to add contact email address(es) to clipboard
0009300: [HumanResources] Cannot add/edit Contract Templates in HR module
0007188: [Felamimail] Threaded view for the mails
0007944: [Felamimail] Automatically expand mail folders which contain unread mails
0009170: [HumanResources] HR Employee should be searchable by costcenter
0007290: [Filemanager] Folder-Details/Access-Rigths open allways in a modal window
0009270: [Addressbook] Contact photo search in google pictures
0008120: [ActiveSync] Activesync event goes not to the correct calendar
0008654: [Other] Support for including other webapplications
0004826: [Felamimail] Add SMIME Features / Related to PGP Features
0009146: [Other] Copy tasks, FAQ, CRM, Sales
0008566: [Addressbook] Add phone-fields to Frontend and active sync
0009094: [Calendar] When creating an event with a resource that is already in use the information given should be improved
0008822: [Felamimail] copying / shifting emails by dragging
0008180: [HumanResources] notice by email - not saved
0008862: [Felamimail] Could not delete folder Admin because it has subfolders
0008884: [Felamimail] allow to set expiry of imap folder
0008538: [Tinebase] Define homogeneous behavior of relation filters (unassigned)
0007106: [Filemanager] searching for linked files does not work (unassigned)
0008808: [Felamimail] Archive E-Mail Button
0008792: [Felamimail] Das dauerhafte Einstellen von Lesebestätigungen ermöglichen.
0008778: [Felamimail] extended mail filtering
0008776: [CalDAV] support ATTACH property for attachments
0002132: [Addressbook] allow to change displayname
0008760: [CRM] Generate emails with unique case number in subject
0008758: [Other] Support incident management
0008728: [Addressbook] autocompletion of company name
0004024: [Addressbook] Adressbook need more versatility
0004940: [Tinebase JavaScript] Feature Request: Checkbox for grid selection
0004556: [Calendar] 12 Hour (am/pm) time format for calendar and tasks
0008582: [Inventory] Products and Sales linked to Inventory Items and update quantity in realtime
0008548: [Addressbook] show time for the notice in the the adressbook is short and editting it´s impossible
0002350: [Addressbook] Feature Request: support for IM adresses in addressbook
0005870: [Other] Chat System
0006668: [Felamimail] Can't define INBOX as sent Folder
0008302: [Felamimail] mail notes are not created for "CC"-receiver
0008494: [HumanResources] set tasks/reminder for some kontakts or persons in HR modul - direct
0008470: [UNKNOWN] write email from a user-card or a employee-card
0008466: [Projects] add employes to a project
0008462: [Tinebase] Add login cache to IMAP Authentication Backend
0004066: [CRM] CRM: dot in place of comma in price area
0004782: [Sales] Robust Sales (ERP) Module/App
0008390: [Filemanager] Add possibility to download whole folder to local working space
0008372: [Tinebase] open a website in contact and in HR module
0008358: [Other] Offline (local-saved) Openstreetmaps (for example garmin-format or more) in the map-feature of tine20
0008356: [Other] Distance between company and customer in the map
0008330: [Tasks] Feature Request: preview for tasks
0008286: [Timetracker] Add "save and add new" feature.
0008234: [Felamimail] smtp handling: move outgoing mails in queue
0008190: [Tinebase] Relation filter need improvement
0007070: [Addressbook] Feature Request: Admin ability to deactivate personal adressbooks
0007068: [Filemanager] Feature Request: Admin ability to deactivate personal folders
0008160: [Addressbook] lookup of geodata after opening of contact detail view
0003214: [Addressbook] Erweiterung der Kartenfunktion (Druck und Anzeige)
0008156: [Felamimail] possibility to disable e-mail read confirmation dialog
0007378: [ActiveSync] sync tags (categories) from syncroton to tine model
0007976: [Tinebase] Allow inplace Update to new versions
0008032: [Other] Movable Custom Fields
0008010: [Filemanager] File upload to FTP
0007990: [Felamimail] reading confirmation after first open
0007996: [HumanResources] phone function in HR modul
0007960: [Felamimail] Priority/Read-unread should be selection-context aware
0007958: [HumanResources] auto increment personal number
0007930: [Felamimail] Feature to empty a folder / delete all mails in a folder
0007910: [Filemanager] full data search in filemanager
0007856: [Tinebase] make custom fields linkable in the filter
0007830: [Calendar] Bulk modify events
0003290: [Felamimail] add email features like delivery receipts, read receipts, priority
0007824: [Setup] Specify a product name in Setup
0007810: [Calendar] Mini calendar mark days with events with bold number
0002740: [Felamimail] Mail to appointment
0004280: [Calendar] Change Colors of calendar of other User
0007536: [Felamimail] expose account & folder information in email details panel
0007534: [Calendar] expose alarm information in the summary at the bottom
0007490: [Felamimail] keep e-mail message marked as unread
0007436: [Tinebase] Value for customfield of type record is not exported
0007432: [Tinebase] Export to Spreadsheet (Excel, OpenOffice) does not take customfield and relations into consideration
0007426: [Admin] allow to define user defaults for primary groups
0007334: [Admin] No password request for account creation when backend is IMAP
0007368: [Filemanager] Drag & Drop from tine filemanager to local filemanager
0007258: [Felamimail] check current sieve script when saving vacation
0007176: [Timetracker] Show the total hours and the ammount of timetracker accounts in the timetracker account overview
0007160: [Felamimail] Insertion of images in email text
0007074: [Tasks] Feature Request: Admin ability to deactivate personal task lists
0007072: [Calendar] Feature Request: Admin ability to deactivate personal calendars
0002072: [Tinebase JavaScript] think about adding subfolders to shared addressbooks/calendars/leads/...
0007012: [Addressbook] Request: Add employeeNumber attribute to inetorgperson schema array
0001124: [Addressbook] Layout on small screens
0006970: [Tinebase] Login check
0006950: [Tinebase JavaScript] log4js Ext
0003082: [Tinebase] add a date filter for a number of day's
0006890: [Felamimail] Create subfolder in Felamimail with dovecot imap server
0006418: [Other] rss reader application
0006860: [Calendar] FR: Kalender Orte aus Adressbuch
0006850: [Tinebase JavaScript] add optional grouping to relations grid panel
0003306: [Felamimail] attach vcard to emails
0006080: [Tinebase JavaScript] No possibilty to create a text field with various rows and/or columns
0006806: [Filemanager] provide status field for files in filemanager
0006420: [Felamimail] allow to remove messages (without moving to trash)
0006756: [Timetracker] Print Page in Timetracker should also show up "Total Time" and "Time of Billable Timesheets"
0004428: [Calendar] Möglichkeit, "Organisator (Creator)" zu ändern sollte vorgesehen werden.
0006720: [Tinebase] allow to configure access log backend
0006718: [Calendar] create an option to choose whether iCal and/or ics data should be sent with notification mail
0006664: [Calendar] multi colors in shared calendars
0006690: [Felamimail] possibility to configure priority of private and work mailaddress
0006580: [Tinebase] add deleteImportExportDefinition
0006564: [Filemanager] encrypts files on the server
0006542: [Other] Make defaultFont configureable
0006540: [CalDAV] caldav/carddav add following folder / exportable calendars
0006512: [Felamimail] make felamimail accounts respecting the usercredentialcache key in
0006408: [Setup] Add Installation Health Check (SQL, Files, Folders, ...)
0006228: [CalDAV] Multiple Event-Alarms from same Event(crosslinked between calendars e.g. personal+shared) in Thunderbird/Lightning(CalDAV)
0006326: [Addressbook] Mehrfachauswahl von Kontakten über mehrere Anzeigeseiten für Export
0004252: [Addressbook] scan for duplicate contacts in addressbook
0006242: [Tasks] change icon for urgent completed tasks
0006154: [WebDAV] Allow users to add sync devices
0006114: [Addressbook] Auf der Karte auch die Route zum Kontakt
0005842: [Addressbook] Ability to "inline edit" contacts in the address book
0005996: [Tinebase] Add Cache Manifest and offline detection ;)
0005874: [Felamimail] Share email accounts between users.
0005872: [CRM] Better CRM
0005866: [Other] Client area
0005864: [Other] Client archiving system
0005822: [Tasks] Quick editing of uneditable columns in tasks
0005820: [Calendar] Quick editing of calendar
0005058: [Other] Either reduce 30px space over tabs in tinebase app, or use a bigger icon for the tine20 tab - analogue to office2010
0005816: [Calendar] Quick adding to calendar
0005814: [Timetracker] Quick adding to timetracker
0005824: [Tasks] Possibility to choose long view (with horizontal scroll)
0005818: [Timetracker] Quick editing of timetracker
0005776: [Calendar] Disable alarms on per-calendar basis
0005374: [Tinebase JavaScript] Put dialog buttons order in user preference
0005760: [Addressbook] Implement to import / sync Adresses from Xing / LinkedIn
0005656: [Admin] Default permission too restrictive
0005650: [Setup] disable password change if LDAP Auth is enabled
0005598: [Tinebase] Make "Add Groupcalendar without User Anyone" as administrative Option
0005364: [CardDAV] Support fullname of Countries in VCF-File
0005424: [Addressbook] Feature Request: pdf export for multiple addresses
0005372: [Felamimail] Bessere Erkennung von Maillist Adressen
0005136: [Timetracker] JavaScript Clock in timesheets
0005254: [CRM] Mehrwertsteuer (MwSt.)
0005252: [CRM] Rabatte für Leads
0005218: [Calendar] Auswahl der Teilnehmer für Termin filtern
0004904: [Felamimail] Let Felamimail automatically create special folders like trash/sent/drafts/...
0005166: [Timetracker] Count time automaticaly
0002602: [Timetracker] New Context Menu: "Append Timesheet" or modify "Copy Timesheet"
0005110: [Calendar] Send mail, once a resource is added to an event
0005106: [Felamimail] Feature Request: anzeige gelesener mails
0005042: [Felamimail] Force Reload of IMAP Folderlist after loading the EXTJS gui
0005044: [Felamimail] Message: One of your folders was deleted or renamed by another client. Please update the folder list of this account.
0005018: [Admin] Container oder Gruppen-Administrator
0004978: [Calendar] schnell anlegen von terminen in der monatsübersicht
0004946: [Tasks] Redmine integration.
0004828: [Tinebase] Warn if user forgot to logout ;)
0004936: [Tasks] Tasks should accept external users as well
0004928: [Calendar] Calendar share (work hours for appointments)
0004912: [Filemanager] Datei über privaten Link teilen
0004880: [Calendar] five day view in calendar
0004760: [Felamimail] Can't select 'Shared Calendars' as Default Calendar
0004738: [Calendar] Terminbestätigung
0004580: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync Enterprise features
0004624: [Felamimail] comma does not work in to: when sending mail
0004612: [Other] iphone capabilities (ios app)
0004594: [Felamimail] allow to configure junk folder in account settings
0004538: [Tinebase] Feature Request: Reparatur system für Rechte und Rollen
0004448: [Addressbook] deaktivierte Accounts als Kontakt behalten
0004408: [Timetracker] Summary field for Timtracker App
0004388: [Felamimail] amavis LDAP Settings pro Benutzer konfigurierbar machen
0004220: [Timetracker] Budget
0004224: [Calendar] Let the user configure date and time format, do not tie it to language selection
0000854: [Timetracker] Provide pdf-export for time-sheets
0000968: [Timetracker] improve custom fields: define validation/required fields
0001902: [Timetracker] add charts to preview panel
0003720: [Tinebase JavaScript] Make filters depended on previous filter
0004114: [Addressbook] Activities/Communications Records
0004020: [Addressbook] Addressbook miss a nickname field
0004018: [Calendar] "Warnung für Terminüberschneidung" bei Kalendereinträgen für gesamten Kalender nicht deaktivierbar
0003990: [Other] Feature request: Add an application for taking simple notes
0003828: [Timetracker] Include an additional template export for MS Office in Tine20 package
0003830: [Tinebase JavaScript] Do not allow to quit page in edit mode
0002148: [Calendar] Feature request: diary / logbook function
0002118: [Felamimail] Self Made User-Agent
0003626: [ActiveSync] Feature Request: activesync client functionality
0001886: [Timetracker] timetracker to calculate hours
0003516: [Admin] Feature-Request: Allow nested groups
0002874: [ActiveSync] Posteingänge zusammenfügen
0003364: [Addressbook] Columns display setting could be a setting for each adressbook rather than a global setting
0003310: [Calendar] change the calendar in user settings (to shared calendar)
0003312: [Addressbook] change the adressbook in user settings (to shared addressbook)
0003252: [Addressbook] Notes with adjustable timestamp
0003096: [Other] Anonymisation of log files
0003084: [Addressbook] Creating of leads, tasks and appointments out of the contact form
0002996: [Addressbook] small Calendar / Address-book enhancements
0002588: [Tasks] Assign task to a Group / or a couple of people with a leader
0002748: [Other] Improve layout for iPad/Safari
0002742: [Calendar] Appointments and Tasks to mail
0002814: [ThunderTine] tine-import errors without 'name'-contents
0002808: [Felamimail] Advanced search for contacts
0002768: [Felamimail] keyboard shortcuts in felamimail
0002674: [Calendar] Possibility to explain why dates were canceled
0002558: [Other] SMS sync
0002594: [Felamimail] Allow to share Mailaccount
0002580: [Setup] Protect critical directories, if accessible from the web
0002530: [Other] CRM -- make HelpDesk for clients, ability to create task
0002528: [Tasks] discomfort with comment
0002526: [Timetracker] add field 'time of finish'
0002522: [Addressbook] Improve state/region field in postal address
0002514: [Addressbook] Create new user from Addressbook contact
0002506: [CRM] Save mail in Lead - full mail history
0002128: [Addressbook] Community-Plugins
0002358: [Calendar] add a Location and Map
0002362: [Other] announcement App
0002348: [CRM] add filter for leadtype / source
0002322: [Tinebase] add new note type 'url note'
0009658: [Felamimail] replay , replay all (pschuele)
0008724: [Calendar] Available hours (pschuele)
0008290: [Calendar] shared calendar sync
0008394: [Tinebase JavaScript] Quickfilter handling (astintzing)
0008352: [Felamimail] Dynamically add contacts to Addressbook (flnl)
0012184: [Admin] show admin/app/settings for mc v2 apps (like Inventory) (pschuele)
0011806: [Packaging] switch to sha256sum for package file checksums (pschuele)
0004274: [Calendar] Not possible to accept/reject appointments for resources
0006562: [Tinebase] Allow po/pot file free distribution (lkneschke)
0001792: [Tinebase JavaScript] add links to notification mails (AirMike)
0010052: [Tinebase] Allow default values for keyfieldconfig (pschuele)
0009780: [Sipgate] Sipgate Module as Debian Package (astintzing)
0009594: [Calendar] add date of event to message subject (pschuele)
0009516: [ActiveSync] allow ghosted properties (lkneschke)
0009136: [Tinebase] Introduce paging without total count (paging by offset) (pmehrer)
0008396: [Calendar] Allows to delegate event to another attendee (flnl)
0008504: [Calendar] Holidays in mini calendar. (antonio-carlos.silva)
0006976: [Tinebase] default values for customfield (fvisic)
0008454: [Tinebase JavaScript] default add button configuration (fvisic)
0006824: [Tinebase] Add session backend Database (hanshartl)
0008498: [Tinebase] allow to set favorite as default (preference) via right-click (pschuele)
0008434: [Calendar] move "saved in" dropdown to bottom bar (pschuele)
0008440: [Other] all modules: extend context menu for containers with "add new entry" option (pschuele)
0007608: [CardDAV] Add support for iCAL4OL client (lkneschke)
0006886: [Other] bookmark application (martin)
0001428: [Calendar] Changing the name of an appointment should be possible directly in the calendar
0001590: [Calendar] Possibility to display only internal contacts in list of participants for calendar entry
0002002: [Calendar] Add possibility to customize notification e-mails
0002112: [Calendar] Option to split dates over several days
0002666: [Calendar] resize event also on top of event
0001586: [ActiveSync] Category to Calendar mapping (lkneschke)
0000132: [Addressbook] Permission managing for one specfic contact (lkneschke)
0002590: [Tinebase] themeing support (kaystrobach)
0003706: [Calendar] Handling users and groups (during selection or invitation) (cweiss)
0008610: [Filemanager] add user/group quotas to Filemanager / Tinebase_FileSystem (cweiss)
0013062: [Filemanager] Allow document preview by selecting any file and pressing space (mspahn)
0009012: [Calendar] send mail to event attendee directly from event edit dialog (cweiss)
0006054: [Calendar] Single Event printable (cweiss)
0012438: [Felamimail] 3-Pane View (pschuele)
0005858: [Other] Mobile Version (cweiss)
0009930: [Addressbook] Deleting customfields via gui (pschuele)
0010070: [ThunderTine] ThunderTine does not work at all (pschuele)
0009438: [Felamimail] Write emails as plain-text (cweiss)
0010210: [Felamimail] Compose mails in plain text only (cweiss)
0011672: [Tinebase] support advanced search for pgsql (pschuele)
0002524: [Tasks] Tasks: add fields 'Client' and 'Reseller' (on DemoVersion) (pschuele)
0008658: [Calendar] Add global option to mark events as being private by default (mspahn)
0010824: [Tinebase] Use IMAP-Authenticated Logon as default mailserver (pschuele)
0009430: [CalDAV] Make tine work with davdroid (ingoratsdorf)
0010273: [Addressbook] Allow user-group-filters in the address book (pschuele)
0008360: [CalDAV] Tags / Categories are not synced via CalDav (ingoratsdorf)
0007838: [Calendar] Cannot delete notes added to an event
0008876: [Tinebase] make ldap password changeable even if user stored in sql (pschuele)
0008646: [Other] Hardcoded app title (pschuele)
0008256: [Setup] Hardcoding metadata in the table definition (fgsl)
21 of 441 issue(s) resolved. Progress (4%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2100-03-19
things we have on our scope but which are not yet scheduled
0006972: [Tinebase JavaScript] update to extjs 6
       0000344: [Tinebase JavaScript] Implement Mobile Client
       0005616: [Tinebase JavaScript] It is not possible to copy text out the History tab
       0005336: [Tinebase] add information "application" tab for new releases
       0002444: [Addressbook] refactor details panel (unassigned)
       0005096: [Felamimail] refactor email details panel
             0005766: [Felamimail] Email Headers and Attachments Icons
             0003378: [Felamimail] Broken text alignment in view/read mail
             0005186: [Felamimail] make attachments better visible / divide attachments better from the rest of the message pane
       0005332: [Tinebase JavaScript] fix grid/dialog focus handling
       0004396: [Tinebase JavaScript] pass all key events (except CTRL-R) to active application
       0004366: [Other] make initial application loading on tine startup more flexible
       0004364: [Other] preferences -> default application value has no effects when startin tine
       0005804: [Tinebase JavaScript] suppress "insecure content" warning of IE for "about:blank"
       0005396: [Tinebase] add generic widget for saving an answer to confirm dlg as preference
       0005406: [Tinebase JavaScript] ux: consolidate container functions
       0006578: [Calendar] onBlur does not work when adding email attender
       0006576: [Calendar] Calender date format incorrect
       0004002: [Felamimail] move button for adding/editing accounts to main menu of felamimail
       0006238: [Felamimail] focus on selected message is lost
       0006772: [Admin] reset password in user grid should work like pw input in user edit dialog
       0002172: [Felamimail] Allow one-click delete of a recipient while writing a mail
       0004320: [Admin] add user filter model / pagination in user search functions
             0001838: [Admin] add (default) filter for user grid: user status
       0006960: [Tinebase JavaScript] RecordPickerComboBox: put sort info into store
0013016: [Tinebase] create customfield columns in the record tables (via doctrine)
0007082: [Other] Application Instant Messenger, IMAP adapter backend and some other features
0001164: [Felamimail] cache message bodies of lately received mails
0003206: [Felamimail] make it possible to use custom tags/flags
0012250: [Tinebase JavaScript] show SUPPORTERS and SPONSORS in about dialog
0006782: [Addressbook] nominatim requests should be cached (unassigned)
0001274: [Felamimail] load pictures in HTML mail only on demand and/or from senders in addressbook
0000284: [Addressbook] modlog of contact images / move images to vfs
0006712: [Felamimail] add keep / cc,bcc to sieve filter rules
0003388: [Felamimail] Change "mark as read" behavior
0006692: [Addressbook] Addressbook CSV-import: make duplicate check configurable
0003554: [Addressbook] Not possible to filter for birthday
0001518: [Felamimail] show images/attachments inline
0005964: [Felamimail] Allow that images into message body are showed in visualization
0002850: [Felamimail] add button to display images in html mails
0006728: [Felamimail] reply to mail sent to an alias should use this alias
0000786: [Other] Make notes editable
0000526: [Addressbook] add full support for organisations
0001788: [Tasks] send mail on new task
0003866: [Tinebase JavaScript] show notifications for pending tasks/events
0006588: [Tinebase] improve CLI detection
0003274: [Tinebase] Remove everything from database if an user is deleted
0009620: [Tinebase] allow to attach multiple tags at once
0003448: [Felamimail] Link in Email einfügen
0003702: [Tinebase] Choices in Tine 2.0 (1-out-of-N and X-out-of-N)
0003358: [Tinebase] think about adding clearTable + purgeDeletedRecords CLI functions to scheduler
0000758: [Other] implement dashboard application
0002236: [Calendar] add external FreeBusy support
0000794: [Other] Redesign Paging-Bar
0008908: [ActiveSync] implement ActiveSync conflict handling
0000874: [Tinebase JavaScript] force reload of (container-) tree node after collapse
0004000: [Felamimail] make accounts sortable
0007408: [Tinebase JavaScript] Resolve RelationPickerCombos on multiple edit (unassigned)
0004682: [Tinebase] add param to getMultiple which data should be resolved (parts) (unassigned)
0006438: [Tinebase] disable application on configuration error (unassigned)
0005366: [Calendar] recurring panel on eventEditDialog doesn't render properly in modal window (unassigned)
0008820: [Tinebase] relation type wording (unassigned)
0008544: [Tinebase JavaScript] Generic relation picker grid - contact type account should have the account icon (unassigned)
0008082: [Tinebase JavaScript] make Ext.ux.display.DisplayPanel more versatile (unassigned)
0008534: [Tinebase JavaScript] Add record button does not show record if the module is not selected (unassigned)
0004730: [Sipgate] using telephone notes (unassigned)
0008584: [Felamimail] Drag 'n drop of emails make it disappear
0008804: [Felamimail] new exception handler dialog should be used for credentials dialog
0001476: [Addressbook] Addressbook entry needs better company management
0000800: [Other] Make more use of intellegent auto-completion
0006448: [Calendar] use vcalendar converter for ics export and remove qcal stuff
       0006442: [Calendar] .ics import should import attendees (cweiss)
0008622: [Timetracker] start time filter should be added to timesheet grid
0008502: [Tinebase JavaScript] attachment / relation grid toolbar placement
0003864: [Tinebase] Make tine20 feeling faster ;) - a solution for the initial loading (unassigned)
0008332: [Tinebase] add blocking_disabled field to accounts
0008482: [Filemanager] cleanup temp files without a valid session id
0008452: [Tinebase] switch container id to hash id
0006786: [ThunderTine] Thundertine doesn't sync automatically
0004298: [Calendar] when cancelling a conflicting event, it should disappear (unassigned)
0007428: [Admin] add email plugins to groups (unassigned)
0005328: [Calendar] CTRL-ENTER should work in event edit dialog (unassigned)
0006502: [Calendar] event templates (unassigned)
0003718: [Calendar] Move resources to another tab (unassigned)
0004884: [Filemanager] Filemanager joinTempFiles method should return the mimetype of the target file (unassigned)
0005150: [Admin] check if custom field name/app already exists (unassigned)
0005436: [Calendar] Drucken des Monats ohne Überschneidungen (unassigned)
0006018: [Tinebase JavaScript] Ext.ux.WindowFactory - Ext window layout problem (unassigned)
0005312: [CalDAV] Events deleted on Web-Interface don't get deleted in iCal (unassigned)
0007756: [Tinebase] add foreign key on delete cascade in tag_acl table (unassigned)
0007210: [Felamimail] Email: Trouble in email selection scope (unassigned)
0007344: [Felamimail] show subject and sender of new message in notification window (unassigned)
0001494: [Calendar] Display current time in the day and week view (unassigned)
0002654: [Tinebase JavaScript] add default option to skip datatype in add/edit/delete button texts (unassigned)
0005502: [Tinebase] allow to remove related data (tags, alarms, relations, ntoes ...) with NULL as value
0004836: [Tinebase] add record model name to tagging table and tag filter
0006306: [Addressbook] Tine discard vcard items at import if not storebill without warning
0005354: [Felamimail] wrong folder delimiter used
0005356: [Tinebase] Improvement of class Tinebase_Backend_Sql_Abstract
0005736: [Addressbook] exported salutation is not translated
0006930: [Tinebase JavaScript] export as ... should preselect the users preferred export definition
0007126: [Packaging] build.xml: if directory contains only translations dir, build breaks and deletes all files in current dir
0007116: [Tinebase JavaScript] related records edit dialogs are open and the "parent" is closed
0007564: [Setup] delete relations on application removal
0007500: [Tinebase] improve multi-update performance
0007546: [Addressbook] delete contact with DEL does not work
0007080: [Felamimail] implement "special folder" rfc 6154
0006994: [Tinebase] create custom id validator for php models
0007278: [Translations] Tasks and Calendar application name shared with structure
0007742: [Felamimail] refactoring: replace parseBodyParts with getBodyParts
0007402: [Tinebase] improve performance of Tinebase_Model_Filter_Container::setValue()
0007088: [Addressbook] saving of contact images fails sometimes (sql error: max_allowed_packet)
0007442: [Tinebase] Export progress
0007312: [Tinebase] Persistence of Preference for default application
0007482: [Admin] add right for view/manage customfields
0007294: [Tinebase] HumanResources can be enabled even when Sales module is not enabled
0005472: [Addressbook] allow duplicate exceptions for update record case
0007118: [Tinebase] when setting a DateTime config value, it should be converted to a string
0007136: [Tinebase JavaScript] resolve concurrency conflicts in record merge dialog
0005668: [Tasks] Make it easy to not use a certain time for a task
0005688: [Timetracker] refactor Timetracker_Model_TimesheetFilter: acl filter should be removed from appendFilterSql
0005476: [Tinebase] check index/reference/ondelete and onupdate
0004022: [Addressbook] Addressbook validation is too much restrictive
0004772: [CRM] roll out keyConfig concept to status/source/...
0005844: [Admin] do not create user/group in ldap if sql user/group creation fails
0006128: [Felamimail] Allow to DnD Files on E-Mail to add attachment
0006790: [Felamimail] allow to trigger flags sync
0006482: [Timetracker] replace "status" field in Timeaccount with keyfield config
0005722: [CalDAV] consider deleted events in createEvent existing detection
0005774: [Addressbook] migrate vcard import to sabredav / Addressbook_Convert_Contact_VCard
0006190: [Admin] allow to change keyfield customfields key/value store
0004096: [Addressbook] add 'shadow' telephone fields
0006350: [Tinebase] improve persistant filter performance
0006422: [Tinebase] profile / improve validation performance
0006444: [Felamimail] use iterator in Felamimail_Controller_Message_Flags::_addOrClearFlags
0005504: [Setup] LDAP: get initial accounts settings like groups from ldap
0005608: [CRM] Overview in CRM is missing "products"
0006468: [Tinebase] application sections in should be case insensitive
0003890: [Tinebase] harmonize implementation of foreign table joins in abstract sql backend
0005576: [Filemanager] add content_sequence to filemanager containers
0007776: [Unittests] reactivate setup backend tests
0007782: [Felamimail] allow embedded/external audio and video in html mails
0007788: [Tinebase] remove Tinebase_Redis_Queue
0007598: [Admin] smtp configuration gets discarded without notice
0005272: [Tinebase] move setFromJson / _setFromJson / setFromJsonInUsersTimezone to Tinebase_Convert_Json
0008218: [Calendar] refactor create/updateAttendee in event controller
0003776: [Felamimail] mark parent folders of unread subfolders unread, too
0004418: [ActiveSync] support email flags like FLAGGED/ANSWERED/...
0004474: [Felamimail] if folder is removed -> move it to trash
0005388: [Admin] access log client type should be a keyfield config
0004244: [Tinebase] use Zend_Cache options in config
0004238: [Unittests] add unittests for Zend_Service_Tine20
0004566: [Felamimail] improve folder sorting
0004642: [Setup] show supported databases in db selection and update default port on change
0004692: [Tinebase] invent generic way for ...ByFilter
0007762: [Tinebase] remove all queue stuff from scheduler
0005326: [Tinebase JavaScript] improve multioptions dialog
0006026: [Tinebase] don't notify disabled accounts
0005752: [Tinebase] sorting by keyfield config field
0006348: [Tinebase] improve preferences performance
0006846: [Tinebase JavaScript] fix opera 12 file upload / email attachments
0006794: [Admin] handle email distribution lists
0006056: [Setup] check dependencies when uninstalling an application
0005868: [Other] Performance (image sprites)
0007778: [Tinebase JavaScript] duplicate resolving allow go back
0006060: [Setup] --create_admin CLI method should repair "Internal Contacts" container if it has been deleted
0008252: [Tinebase] add child classes for some config structs
0007424: [Admin] improve smtp tab email grids
0001812: [Tasks] add preview panel to tasks grid
0008146: [Addressbook] Save user is too slow
0002124: [Admin] Backup-Funktion im Adminblock
0003686: [Addressbook] add csv import mapping wizard
0007724: [Calendar] refactor deleteEvents: replace all other delete functions
0007668: [Admin] check duplicate openid values when saving user
0007610: [Setup] allow optional requirements / requirements by application
0007528: [Tinebase] add modlog fields to preferences
0007494: [Tinebase] add changes in notes to modlog/history
0007480: [Felamimail] add primary key column to some message cache tables
0007472: [Admin] add more information to "server info" section
0007418: [Addressbook] activate modlog for addressbook lists
0007332: [Setup] major updates should check the requirements, too
0007076: [Setup] check config scope when setting config values
0007058: [Admin] create new user should check if a contact with the same name exists
0006980: [Admin] ask if deleted users records should be moved to other containers
0004088: [Addressbook] add template to adb ods export and move meta infos there
0006858: [Tinebase] allow to access/change templates, import/export definitions in Filemanager / vfs
0000222: [Addressbook] Validation on post code(zip code)
0002394: [Addressbook] improve mailing from addressbook
0006808: [Tinebase JavaScript] refactor multi select / key field / picker filters
0006776: [Tinebase] allow multiple edit of container
0003222: [Felamimail] make it possible to forward attached mails
0003030: [Felamimail] allow reply/reply all/forward from email display dialog for rfc-822 attachments
0006726: [Admin] allow to configure default accountHomeDirectoryPrefix and accountLoginShell
0005988: [Tinebase] encrypt db password in
0006090: [Admin] allow to link a contact with user account
0005792: [Tinebase] add more monitoring CLI methods
0002370: [Felamimail] felamimail improvements
       0002250: [Felamimail] allow update of folder cache in a convenient way
       0003224: [Felamimail] allow to edit email note when mail is sent
       0002182: [Felamimail] Allow to differentiate for which recipients an e-mail-note is created
       0002292: [Felamimail] Problem when other system changes folder structure
       0002174: [Felamimail] Allow to add new contact from E-Mail writing dialogue
       0002178: [Felamimail] Check if sender or recipients are known in the addressbook and improve general behaviour
       0001962: [Felamimail] Folders with DOTs (.) appear three times
       0002272: [Felamimail] Allow to download all attachments into a single folder
       0002176: [Felamimail] Allow to create contacts not only from sender of a mail, but also from the list of recipients
       0002610: [Felamimail] add pdf export for emails
       0002600: [Felamimail] change "," and ";" to new recipient field
       0002628: [Felamimail] use Ext.Tree.TreeSorter to sort folders
       0002180: [Felamimail] Provide additional right-mouse-button functionality in list of mails
       0002190: [Felamimail] Tree with E-Mail-Folders should be individually sortable
       0001276: [Felamimail] allow for option "suppress mails being marked as deleted"
       0002172: [Felamimail] Allow one-click delete of a recipient while writing a mail
       0005610: [Addressbook] Accidental Space in E-Mail should be removed automatically
0001892: [Addressbook] CTI-Call from Addressbook
0000476: [Addressbook] implement LDAP addressbook
0004864: [Tinebase JavaScript] Put page size in user preference
0000606: [Sales] add status select options
0000090: [Tinebase JavaScript] add previous/next buttons to the edit dialogs
0001926: [Other] Tool-Tip on any note disappaers too soon
0003182: [Felamimail] Reload Button/reloading folders
0003136: [Felamimail] "Add Account" Button unnecessary, should be moved to Preferences
0004322: [Felamimail] only update all folders if felamimail is the active application
0005148: [Setup] try CREATE TABLE command on configured database during setup checks
0005118: [Addressbook] show postal code from nominatim address to user if it differs
0005104: [Setup] small setup text and usability issues
0005064: [Tinebase] add cli (admin?) script that removes all personal containers owned by deleted users
0002834: [Tasks] Task representation in calendar view.
0004830: [Tinebase] Favorites do not save view sorting options
0004976: [Tinebase] add fieldlengths for validation exceptions
0004974: [Timetracker] replace account_id user filter with contact foreign id filter (of type account)
0004972: [Felamimail] refactor Felamimail_Sieve_*
0002164: [Other] Use sophisticated extJS Grid Component
0004910: [Addressbook] Firmen von Kontakten entkopplen
0004850: [Setup] validate email backend options
0004848: [Setup] add info box to all setup options with detailed information about the option
0004746: [Filemanager] add multiple file download
0004568: [Filemanager] rework webdav frontend and move some functions to node controller
0004802: [Tinebase JavaScript] implement cut/copy/paste per contextmenu and keyboard shortcuts
0004800: [Filemanager] implement path picker comb/tree widget
0004796: [Filemanager] add file details panel to grid
0001334: [Felamimail] Retain email status 'unread' while viewing
0000936: [Setup] add import options to setup
0001888: [Tinebase JavaScript] improve grid store handling
0004185: [Tinebase] rework queue concepts
0004104: [Tinebase] Separate locale and translation
0004074: [CRM] Verwirrende Bezeichnung von Benutzergruppen (Admin) und Zugehörigkeit / Verantwortun (CRM) mit Begriff "Rolle"
0002196: [Addressbook] add ldif import to addressbook
0004036: [Admin] add primary smtp domain to email when typing
0003988: [Felamimail] Feature request: provide a link for downloading all attachments at once
0003998: [Felamimail] use checkbox in smtp for 'use imap credentials' and disable user/pw if checked
0003778: [Felamimail] allow to configure felamimail font sizes
0003738: [CRM] do not allow to set an end date that is before the start date
0000734: [Timetracker] add date grouping to timesheet grid
0003650: [Tinebase] use correct regexps for email and urls
0003586: [Tinebase JavaScript] translations in some dialogs need to be fixed
0003612: [Felamimail] get rid of all custom filters in Felamimail_Model_MessageFilter
0003574: [Tinebase JavaScript] show 'changes' icon + history in grid
0003564: [Tinebase JavaScript] replace Tine.widgets.grid.QuickaddGridPanel with normal Tine.widgets.grid.GridPanel
0003394: [Unittests] add Tinebase_Controller unittests
0003476: [Tinebase JavaScript] "Favorite this folder" on right-click
0003520: [Tinebase] add higher resolution favicons
0003510: [Admin] suggest username/email by defined rule
0003508: [Admin] improve email aliases adding in user edit dialog / smtp
0003498: [Setup] move actionqueue config to setup + config table
0003488: [Setup] filesdir should be saved in DB
0003470: [Felamimail] allow to remove all filters except path by pressing 'SHIFT' or 'CTRL' when clicking folder/container
0003428: [Tinebase] Async tasks logging into DB
0003346: [Tinebase JavaScript] open contact (list?) via context menu in account picker / calendar
0003326: [Felamimail] click cancel in file select dlg should collapse attachment grid
0003330: [Tinebase JavaScript] generalize default container handling when adding new records
0003304: [Tinebase JavaScript] reload if client language does not match preference language
0002910: [Courses] move options of courses to config db
0003244: [Addressbook] query nominatim again with less params if no location could be found
0000528: [Tasks] refactor/extend Tasks application
       0001650: [Tasks] Tasks - Sortierkriterien konfigurierbar
       0001742: [Tasks] mark task as done, should make it 100%
       0000516: [Tasks] move lead tasks to extra container and show message on delete
       0002216: [Tasks] Task-Grid must always sort with "Priority" descending as second order cirterium
       0002296: [Tasks] Add a save-option that opens a new timesheet filled out with data from task
0003280: [Admin] refactor shared tags grid and allow more filters
0003158: [Felamimail] Advanced editing of E-Mail Source too prominent and mixed within formatting icons
0003238: [Felamimail] improve email search combo (add more search results/types)
0003264: [Tinebase] add export to CLI for really big exports
0003200: [Felamimail] add 'save in folder' to recipient grid
0003248: [Addressbook] timestamp of new notes is not displayed
0003226: [Addressbook] There is no format check when importing internet addresses
0003218: [Addressbook] The defined custom field size doesn't match the displayed fiield size
0003210: [Felamimail] add newsletter / mass mailing tool
0003202: [Tinebase] add searchProperties() fn to abstract controller + backend
0003166: [Felamimail] Error messages and recovery options when sending fails
0003108: [Tinebase] allow absolute paths in importexport-definition filenames
0003170: [Felamimail] Adding contacts from mail
0003174: [Felamimail] Missing tooltip on inserted links
0003178: [Felamimail] Populate link with selected URL
0003124: [Tinebase JavaScript] generic record field translations should be moved to tinebase
0003042: [Felamimail] allow to create sieve rule from email
0003038: [Felamimail] improve addressbook integration
0002992: [Setup] fix Setup_Backend_AllTests
0003000: [Felamimail] Group e-mail
0002764: [Addressbook] Contact image is missed on detail preview alway default "woman" is shown
0002670: [Tinebase] Make consistent use of split-buttons
0002540: [Calendar] send event notifications via queue
0002962: [Tinebase] show "exported by" in modlog/history
0002718: [Calendar] Small Calendar - dont make "today" activate "Day"-view, when user has different view activated
0002690: [Tinebase] Summary of filters breaks design
0002752: [Other] LDAP Computer not working correctly (SAMBA)
0002734: [Calendar] adding events by mouse drag inconsistent
0002630: [Calendar] Selected calendar filter for device is not used in Active Sync
0002766: [Calendar] Dates in following month aren't shown initially in month-view when selecting favourite search
0002046: [CRM] show linked task status changes in lead history
0000474: [Other] caching of reflection
0000440: [Tinebase JavaScript] use css class in note_types table instead of image filename for icons
0001420: [Admin] After renaming a user in the admin panel, the user's name doesn't change inside the account
0000394: [Addressbook] add type ahead for some contact fields
0000478: [Tinebase] generalize ACL handling
0000876: [Tinebase] make pdf export of >20 records at once possible
0000704: [Tinebase] add filter/validator for double/float input fields
0000778: [Tasks] Allow to filter for "Status", "Priority" and "Percent
0000780: [Addressbook] Redesign Addressbook-Details-Dialogue
0000782: [Other] Remove functionality to close right-hand-containers (TAGs, activities,..:)
0000788: [Other] Provide good filter for Activities-Tab
0000790: [Tinebase JavaScript] Allow user to select the number of results
0000798: [Tinebase] Implement Auto-Completion for User-Name
0000802: [Other] Try to make Tine more clever
0000806: [Other] Integrate concept of Labels
0000808: [Other] Introduce concept "Belongs to"
0000846: [Tinebase] use new filter group for tag filters
0000726: [Tinebase] use streams instead of temporary files for downloads
0001992: [Admin] refactor admin javascript
0001740: [Tinebase] don't add tag as new if it has same name and context of an existing tag
0001668: [CRM] Shared folders should have notification e-mails
0001514: [Felamimail] add links to phone numbers
0001306: [Tinebase JavaScript] edit dialog actions
0001760: [Felamimail] improve html editor
0001252: [Tinebase JavaScript] scrollbar appears below input fields if validation fails
0001368: [Tasks] pdf / csv export for tasks
0001366: [Tinebase JavaScript] STRG-A is not working in edit dialogs
0001502: [Addressbook] Option to make internal contacts visible only to members of the group they are in
0000992: [Other] implement more preferences
0001016: [Admin] refactor admin controllers and backends
0001056: [Tinebase JavaScript] add button to open extjs windows in (browser-)popup
0001744: [Admin] Show logfile in admin
0001144: [Felamimail] use temp stream for BIG emails / attachments
0000972: [Tinebase JavaScript] allow login even if user has no apps
0002252: [Setup] improve email settings in setup
       0002214: [Setup] show dbmail fields in email settings when grid is rendered
0001652: [Tasks] Letzte Aufgabe in Taskliste verschwindet hinter unterer Statusleiste
0002156: [Tinebase JavaScript] make it possible to disable actions if user hasn't a certain right
0001570: [Tinebase] Allow Anoynmous LDAP Bind
0001408: [Other] login behaves strange If cookies are not allowed
0002248: [Felamimail] copy emails
0001426: [Other] Corners that indicate a change are shown even if the change was undone
0002146: [Tasks] Button to show only completed tasks/leads/etc.
0002140: [Addressbook] at new window groups displayed
0002098: [Tinebase] Ldap virtual accounts as made by phamm (others)
0002094: [Setup] LDAP Anonymous Bind
0002090: [Tinebase] add Tinebase_Export_Abstract with common export functions
0002162: [Tinebase] move parameters for (abstract) sql backend to config array
0001832: [Tinebase JavaScript] move 'add record' to the bottom of the context menu in app grids
0001830: [Tinebase JavaScript] context menu should work on the whole grid panel
0002352: [Admin] user/role with admin right should be able to change settings for app
0002192: [CRM] add preference to choose ods export definition
0000314: [Tinebase] default containers
       0002392: [Tasks] add task default container
       0002390: [CRM] add lead default container
0000858: [Other] change notes/history handling in edit dialogs
0002188: [Tinebase JavaScript] Optimize "Remove File"
0002360: [Tasks] Export function
0002314: [Tinebase JavaScript] js errors with uzbl/webkit (Webkit-gtk 1.1.21)
0000562: [Tinebase] refactor setFromJson/recordToJson functions
0002234: [Admin] Confirm password dialog has no edit box if password contains forbidden characters
0002036: [Addressbook] Filtering addresses and leads by tags does does not eliminate all unwanted items
0002058: [Other] update to zf 1.10
0000574: [Other] refactor json frontend classes
       0000576: [Addressbook] refactor addressbook json frontend
       0000584: [Tasks] refactor tasks json frontend class
0002402: [Tinebase] add index to is_deleted columns in all tables
0002498: [Setup] make 'ignore setup checks' work
0002400: [Tinebase] problem when sending notifictions from user with german umlauts in name
0001506: [Addressbook] Users should have the right to edit/update their own data in the internal contacts folder
0001656: [Tinebase JavaScript] make sorting in grids work for two or more different columns
0002298: [Felamimail] grid header in normal folders and sent need to be different
0002266: [Felamimail] Move canceled composing-mails to trash
0002218: [Felamimail] Correct E-Mail-Adresses out of composing dialogue
0001472: [Other] Permission management: needs rethinking
0001614: [Addressbook] PDF export address list
0001560: [Tinebase] autosave for edit dialogs
0001372: [CRM] Add note should be available on selected leads/tasks directly
0000670: [Addressbook] Country should be predefined
0000486: [Other] use hash ids everywhere
0000218: [Addressbook] Dynamic Adressfields for different countries
0002286: [Tinebase] implement/activate ldap tests (pschuele)
0006062: [Calendar] Versand von Einladungen/Benachrichtigungen an User/Kontakte
0007504: [ActiveSync] research input stream problems (lkneschke)
0005520: [ActiveSync] sync permission on own adressbooks and calendars (lkneschke)
       0005906: [Tinebase] Admin grant includes all other grants
0004348: [Tinebase] Open ID (lkneschke)
0005112: [UNKNOWN] Review SSO Adapter to work stable with option usercredentialcache (kaystrobach)
0003524: [Tinebase JavaScript] Wording in filters (robert.lischke)
0000226: [Tinebase] Shall we release the session direclty after creation/json-key set (lkneschke)
0000250: [Tinebase] Alternative Notification backends (XMPP / Email / SMS / ...) (lkneschke)
0012142: [Filemanager] fulltext search with solr (pmehrer)
0002150: [Calendar] Freetime-search function (cweiss)
0001538: [Tinebase JavaScript] add recents to select boxes (cweiss)
0000270: [Tinebase] move sort and dir from paging to filter? (cweiss)
0004442: [Tinebase] check if we need to lock the session / set session readonly by default (pschuele)
0008094: [Addressbook] Add export for lists (pschuele)
0008682: [Felamimail] Use optional of database caching for turning email application more configurable and flexible (fgsl)
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Scheduled For Release 2100-09-23
issues with high priority which are not related to a release (mostly infrastructure improvements)
0010466: [Calendar] rethink modlog (is_deleted) handling for event attendee
0000776: [Phone] refactor Phone javascript
0009582: [Packaging] build classmap during build
0009394: [Setup] vagrant / puppet setup should check for existing
0009260: [Unittests] add "update from last release" test case or build job
0009326: [Unittests] add more targets to build.xml (clearMaildir/clearMailDb/...) (pschuele)
0008716: [Unittests] put unittest and other ci targets into phing build.xml (pschuele)
0008692: [Tinebase] Add parameter to DemoData creation to create less records (astintzing)
0007032: [ActiveSync] generalize test helper initialization (lkneschke)
0007092: [Addressbook] "Stress" test the Addressbook application (AirMike)
0008938: [Unittests] add sikuli scripts for gui test automation (pschuele)
0008754: [Timetracker] Make Timetracker DemoData consistent
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