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0010329Tine 2.0ActiveSyncpublic2018-01-11 15:05
ReporterFirewire2002Assigned Topschuele 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product VersionKoriander (2014.09.1) 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0010329: wrong backend for mail folders created via activesync (outlook2013 + 2016)
DescriptionMail folders that are created via ActiveSync will be deleted in the client after the client refreshes the folder list.
Reason seems to be a wrong decision for the backend. The debug log shows that the folder is created in sql backend:
dda3d myuser - 2014-10-05T11:00:25+00:00 DEBUG (7): Syncroton_Server::_handlePost::126 xml request:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE AirSync PUBLIC "-//AIRSYNC//DTD AirSync//EN" "">
<FolderCreate xmlns="uri:FolderHierarchy">

dda3d myuser - 2014-10-05T11:00:25+00:00 DEBUG (7): Syncroton_C0mmand_Wbxml::__construct::163 sync timestamp: 2014-10-05 11:00:25
dda3d myuser - 2014-10-05T11:00:25+00:00 DEBUG (7): Syncroton_C0mmand_FolderCreate::handle::40 synckey is 30
dda3d myuser - 2014-10-05T11:00:25+00:00 DEBUG (7): Syncroton_C0mmand_FolderCreate::handle::49 parentId: 3af5fd6f3c357a8afd549e76e68eb509612ef55e displayName: blubb456

dda3d myuser - 2014-10-05T11:00:25+00:00 TRACE (8): Tinebase_Backend_Sql_Abstract::create::914 Prepared data for INSERT: Array
    [name] => blubb456
    [type] => personal
    [backend] => Sql
    [application_id] => 88ac01f58622c5c669176b638b0148d3d47813ba
    [model] => Felamimail_Model_Message
    [created_by] => d3c764d16e2fe9482dc7cb31cac79c769e601658
    [creation_time] => 2014-10-05 11:00:25

But folder is not created on the IMAP server.
If the client request the folder list via ActiveSync than the server is looking on the IMAP server and update it's own database. So the new (in DB created) folder will be removed in the DB and also removed from client.

If the user create the folder via Tine20 Webinterface all works fine. The folder will be created directly on the IMAP server.
Steps To ReproduceSettings:
- Konfiguration - Caching: disabled
- Konfiguration - Queue: disabled
- Authentifizierung - Authentication Backend: SQL
- Authentifizierung - User Accounts: Sql
- Email - IMAP Backend: Standard IMAP

Steps in Tine20:
- Create Account
- Login into the new account
- add a IMAP mailbox

Steps in Outlook2013
- Add the new Tine20 account with ActiveSync protocol
- Create a new mail folder
- Click on "Send and Receive" or do some other actions that will reload the folder list
Additional Informationlook at :)
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2014-10-21 10:52

administrator   ~0014773

hi Firewire,
thanks for the detailled bugreport. we'll have a look at this very soon.


2016-08-21 04:58

reporter   ~0018646

Hi @all,

i can confirm this issue with this Tine 2.0 Version: Egon Community Edition (2016.03.5)

Folder I've created in Outlook are deleted immediately. When I create the folder via the web interface, it works without error.


2017-11-26 19:06

reporter   ~0021178


same issue here with current version 2017.08.8.

If a folder is created within Outlook 2016, it disappears immediately after sync.

Please fix it. Thanks!


2018-01-11 15:04

administrator   ~0021308

could someone with this problem send me ( the complete tine20.log (DEBUG/7 loglevel) of the activesync request that contains the folder creation?

are there any errors in the logs?

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