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0011734Tine 2.0Calendarpublic2017-07-28 15:31
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Product VersionEgon Community Edition (2016.03.1) 
Target Versionfeature requestsFixed in Version 
Summary0011734: empty events in Calendar
DescriptionI have a lots of empty events in my Calender if i select to see all callenders. This is a saved favorit. See the attached screenshot.
Steps To ReproduceI have 2 users. The first user sets the filter to all calendars (not from the the Treeview on the left side, but with the filters above the calendar view)

The other user sets the Permissions of his calendar for "Anyone" to only see "Free Busy"

The Calender of the the first user sees the Events of the second user as empty entries.

Also the calender of the second user is not shown in the Treeview under "Other Users Calendars".
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related to 0002684 resolvedcweiss rip attendee from containerfilter if no attendee filter is set 




2016-03-31 16:29


c.png (72,539 bytes)
c.png (72,539 bytes)


2017-05-11 14:26

administrator   ~0020070

the behaviour is intended. we could implement a new config option if this should be different.


2017-07-28 15:31

reporter   ~0020520

No need for a new setting if it is intentional.

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