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0012762Tine 2.0MailFilerpublic2017-08-15 14:30
ReporterapvitAssigned Topschuele 
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Product Version2017.02.1 Community Edition 
Target Version2016.11.8dev1 Egon BE DevelopFixed in Version2016.11.8dev1 Egon BE Develop 
Summary0012762: Filing process fails with large no. of mails
DescriptionWhen filing a large number of mails, the filing-process fails.
It seems to be dependent on the overall size of the selected mails.
Steps To ReproduceSelect a large number of mails and try to file them.
The filing process starts, but never ends.
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related to 0013400 resolvedpschuele always show loadmask when filing messages 




2017-04-06 21:20

developer   ~0019868

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I have done some tests on that issue.

The filing process in fact does not fail. It runs in the background and files all selected mails.

The problem is, that it takes quite long. I have selected 400 Mails, filed them into an empty folder and monitored the target-folder in Mailfiler. It took app. 12 minutes and 10 seconds till all mails were filed. That is app. 1.8 seconds per mail.

After all mails have been filed, the message "filing messages" does not disappear from the screen and blocks it. You have to reload the screen to be able to work again with Tine.

- The filing process works, but is too slow / unperformant.
- The client seems not to recognize when the filing process is finished, if it takes long. If the filing process runs just a few seconds, the screen gets unblocked.

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