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0012782Tine 2.0SimpleFAQpublic2017-04-21 18:16
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Product Version2017.02.1 Community Edition 
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Summary0012782: FAQ composer does not get closed after submit
DescriptionThis bugs behavior is similar to the one described in [0012780]. After editing/creating a FAQ entry the same does not get closed after submit. Instead the FAQ gets saved, most forms (answer,..) get cleared, at least some get locked (e.g. answer). If the users presses "Ok" again the original written answer gets wiped according to the content of the still open FAQ. The "cancel" does not close the window like the "ok" box.

Additional InformationSince I reported this for two modules I feel it is nessesary to mention, that I was unable to confim the same behaviour for other modules like "calendar", "contacts", or "tasks".

This bug does affect at least tine versions 2016.03 and 2016.09.
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2017-04-21 18:16

reporter   ~0019916

Seems to be fixed in 2017.02.2

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