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0012918Tine 2.0Tinebasepublic2017-04-03 15:59
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Product Version2017.02.2 Community Edition 
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Summary0012918: After recent update table timemachine_modlog_bkp is left over in db

     * update to 10.7
     * update timemachine_modlog table
    public function update_6()

creates table timemachine_modlog_bkp which isn't deleted after update.

Additionally new table timemachine_modlog is very small compared to backup. According to the code only a few old values are reimported.
Additional Information    /**
     * update to 10.9
     * add client row to timemachine_modlog
     * @see 0012830: add client user agent to modlog
    public function update_8()

Is this necessary? It should do what update_6 had already done.
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