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0012998Tine 2.0Tinebase JavaScriptpublic2017-05-03 18:34
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Product Version2017.02.3 Community Edition 
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Summary0012998: Hammerjs does not load
DescriptionOn my new Windows 10 tablet hammerjs gets not loaded propperly. This results in the calendar and addressbook not working.

On the tablet this is reproducible on the tablet with Chrome, Edge and Firefox on Windows 10 and with Firefox running Ubuntu.

On all other systems I've tested (Windows 7, Windows 10, Ubuntu with Chrome and Firefox) all without a touchscreen.

Since my tablet is the only device with a touchscreen available and hammerjs is supposed to be a touch gesture library my guess is that this is reproducible on other touch screen devices as well.
Steps To ReproduceUse a device with a touchscreen and use the tine20 webinterface.
Additional InformationThe Server is running tine in a subdirectory

https://<servername>/tine20 on an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
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2017-05-02 18:56


browser_consolelog_1493744098243.log (4,740 bytes)


2017-05-03 04:56

developer   ~0019984

I can confirm the issue with windows10 on a SurfacePro3 and any browser.
I have all popup windows on my surface as modal windows even though I did select browser windows and they appear 2x or 3x on top of each other.
Using my laptop (same OS, same browsers) I get the standard browser windows and all work fine.


2017-05-03 18:01

administrator   ~0019994

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Are you running dev versions? In case you are not using our prebuild packages you need to run npm install inside Tinebase/js

Also please check your browser support:



2017-05-03 18:34

reporter   ~0019998

I am running the packaged ubuntu version from xenial stable. So no current dev changes should be a problem.

The browsers I used (Desktop Firefox, Desktop Chrome) are all supported and should not result in a load error or strange behaviour without using touch gestures. Using an ASUS T101HA Tablet with Dock attached.

If it helps I can set up an npm version in parallel.

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