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0013230Tine 2.0CalDAVpublic2018-05-03 18:38
ReportershochdoerferAssigned To 
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Product Version2017.02.3 Community Edition 
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Summary0013230: CalDAV Sync on Android generates duplicate events
DescriptionFor a long time I am using CalDAV-Sync to sync Tine 2.0 events to my Android phone. Since a few weeks reoccuring events get duplicated on Android during the sync. Like one appointment appears multiple times for one day on Android. There is one appointment that got duplicated like 12 times.

I recently upgraded to latest Android 6 version for my phone (PLK-L01C432B390). Are you aware of any similar issues?
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2017-06-18 09:40

developer   ~0020346

Similar issues are only known to me when using the SyncToken feature in Tine20. Never worked for me, hence this can be switched off in

Only other thing I'd try is to delete the caldav collection completely and set it up new and see what happens.


2017-06-24 09:56

reporter   ~0020408

It looked good for a while after I disabled the SyncToken feature but got worse again after a week or so. I am back at the multiple cloned events on my Android device.


2017-06-24 12:14

developer   ~0020410

I trust you deleted and recreated the caldav account on your phone after you disabled the SyncToken support?
If so then that's weird because I have been using it for years without a hitch on my S5 through Android 4.4 to 7.1. I use CalDAVSync too. Any hints for errors in logs? Did you try to enable debug log and see whether there are any hints?


2017-06-27 10:32

reporter   ~0020420

I deleted and created the caldav accounts multiple times on my Android device, even after disabling SyncToken support. Have not had a look at the looks, need to figure out how to filter them best ;)

Wired enough the sync works fine for me in Thunderbird/Lightning but also screws up for one of my co-workers with Thunderbird/Lightning.


2018-03-30 20:52

reporter   ~0021580

The issue still exists with the latest version of Tine 2.0 and regardless of the Android client. Got the same problems with the software CalDAV-Sync as well was with DAVdroid. In DAVdroid I can see that all my calendars are available multiple times, not sure why this is happening. This might be the root of the problem.


2018-04-05 20:37

reporter   ~0021600

I remember having the same problems with my old blackberry 10 phone. Unfortunately, I can not reproduce, since I replaced the phone.


2018-04-05 20:39

reporter   ~0021602

This is the bugreport I opened in 2016. Note, that this was ActiveSync.


2018-05-03 15:10

administrator   ~0021716

do you see anything suspicious in the logs?
do the events duplicate in tine20 as well?


2018-05-03 18:38

reporter   ~0021734

Nope, just on the CalDAV Client. Recently I switched to ActiveSync and the problems are gone. I would assume it is some Android bug on my Huawei phone. Not sure how to debug this though.

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