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0013284Tine 2.0Tinebasepublic2017-06-30 20:28
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Product Version2017.02.3 Community Edition 
Target Versionfeature requestsFixed in Version 
Summary0013284: Tinebase.triggerAsyncEvents fails unnoticed: send email and improve output
DescriptionAgain I am having trouble with the Tine cronjob. If something goes wrong in the cron job this goes unnoticed for the administrator.

The only possibility to fix a broken cronjob is:

 1. Get notice from user that the E-mail notifications are not working
 2. Set tine logging to info(6) or debug(7)
 3. Start cronjob manually
 4. Hope that you understand what went wrong.

What I would expect:

 1. Setup cronjob line like "*/40 * * * * apache /usr/bin/php /var/www/internal/tine20/tine20.php --method Tinebase.triggerAsyncEvents > /dev/null"
 2. Job writes human readable errors to stderr
 3. Receive mail that something went wrong and fix it. (User doesn't even notice 99% of the time)
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