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0013350Tine 2.0Tinebasepublic2017-08-03 11:55
ReporterhobbyistAssigned Topschuele 
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Product Version2017.02.5 Community Edition 
Target Version2017.08.1 Community EditionFixed in Version2017.08.1 Community Edition 
Summary0013350: Redis-Actionqueue isn't working anymore
DescriptionJobs e.g. invitations are not sent via redis-actionqueue anymore. The execution of jobs failed and jobs are re
Additional InformationSince your rework of the actionqueue's code in 0013220 until now ( you do a check whether the function returns any other value than a boolean true: if (true !== ($result = Tinebase_ActionQueue::getInstance()->executeAction($job))) {

In class ActionQueue.php ( you return the results of function call_user_func_array (return call_user_func_array(array($controller, $actionName), $message['params']);)

which according to the PHP-reference returns a boolean false, if an error occured, but a mixed result, if the function was executed correctly.

For example when you fork the Calendar.sendEventNotifications controller-method, you return void in method sendNotificationToAttender of class EventNotification ( which is passed back. The test of a boolean true fails and the job will be rescheduled.

So actually, ActionQueue isn't working for me any more.

Maybe the bevaviour described in issue 0011512 is caused by that bug.

Am I wrong or would be if (false === ($result = Tinebase_ActionQueue::getInstance()->executeAction($job))) the better solution? At least I got a success running the jobs (although I don't get mails - but maybe that's caused by my weird config).
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2017-07-21 09:55

administrator   ~0020516

thanks for the report, we'll have a look!


2017-07-29 14:10

reporter   ~0020522

issues 0011512 and 0013350 are now discussed in the forum on topic

Why Mail weren't sent was simply because I forgot to install a postfix after changing my Server. :-(
Nevertheless the actionsqueue's success checks should be reviewed.


2017-08-02 17:03

developer   ~0020536

thanks for reporting this. The code in that region has changed in the meantime, so this issue is not present anymore

best regards

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