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0013354Tine 2.0WebDAVpublic2017-09-14 09:54
Reporterlab-at-nohlAssigned Topschuele 
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Product Versiongit master 
Target Version2017.08.4 Community EditionFixed in Version 
Summary0013354: Broken Windows WebDAV-Client affects all dotNET-applications
DescriptionThis is related to 0012614 for which I provided a patch. It turned out that other Windows clients than Explorer (i.e. Duplicati) doesn't work either.

Additionally, user estradis pointed out a flaw for the previous patch (already in master).


- make patch independent of specific user agent
- only react to empty PROPFIND requests (others may be empty files)

I will send a pull request.
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has duplicate 0012614 resolvedpschuele No file or folders shown in network drive (Windows 10 client) 




2017-08-14 10:44

administrator   ~0020594

I found another flaw here. The webdav client in windows sends an options request. This options request is rejected by the authentication layer in Tine 2.0. Know clue for how long that happens.

Tine 2.0 needs to handle those options request properly. We need to check the protocol spec. Or if you like you are welcome of course!


2017-09-14 09:54

administrator   ~0020678

just merged

@mspahn: does it fix the OPTIONS problem?

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