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0013386Tine 2.0Filemanagerpublic2017-08-11 12:19
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Product Version2017.02.3 Community Edition 
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Summary0013386: Improve loading performace
In Folder with many records, it takes quite long to load the list of records. When working a lot with mailfiler this is time consuming and annoying.

When selecting a folder, Tine is loading not only the data to display the list (from the database), but the complete messages (from the filesystem) - although most of the data is not needed. When the page has 100 messages this can take quite a while. But even with 25 messages the response time is awful slow.

Proposed solution:
When creating the message-list, only the data needed for the list should be loaded. Fore this, only the database is needed, which should be fast.
For the messages, there are two possibilitis
- load messages in the background after the list has been loaded and displayed.
- load message only when user cklicks on a record in the list (preferred, because less data needs to be transferred).
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