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0013430Tine 2.0Calendarpublic2018-01-12 09:53
Reporternbe-renzel-netAssigned Tocweiss 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2017.08.3 Community Edition 
Target Version2017.08.11 Community EditionFixed in Version2017.08.11 Community Edition 
Summary0013430: Calendar: printing day and week sheet broken in FF
DescriptionWhen trying to print the calendar sheets (not lists) for day and week views, it doesn't work and stays at "Preparing print, pleae wait" forever.

Looking at the debugger console of Iridium, I see:
VM5136:1 Uncaught (in promise) SyntaxError: Unexpected number
    at Ext.XTemplate.compileTpl (ext-all.js:13170)
    at Object.<anonymous> (ext-all.js:13082)
    at Object.each (ext-base.js:7)
    at new Ext.XTemplate (ext-all.js:13081)
    at index.php?method=Tinebase.getJsFiles&8440e83…:43075
    at <anonymous>

debugging it a little further, it's caused by "Ext.XTemplate" and its format replacing feature using regular expressions. The Tine20 packed stylesheets look like this here:
.cal-print-marker{top:0}.cal-daysviewpanel-header{position:relative;border-bottom:1px solid #f0f0f0;z-index:5000}.cal-daysviewpanel-header-inner{position:relative;background:#f9f9f9

matches following regexp in the ExtJS "compileTpl" function: "/\{([\w-\.\#]+)(?:\:([\w\.]*)(?:\((.*?)?\))?)?(\s?[\+\-\*\\]\s?[\d\.\+\-\*\\\(\)]+)?\}/g" and therefore being replaced with:
.cal-print-marker',fm.0(values['top']),'.cal-daysviewpanel-header{position:relative;border-bottom:1px solid #f0f0f0;z-index:5000}.cal-daysviewpanel-header-inner{position:relative;background:#f9f9f9

Object "fm.0" is invalid and therefore generates a JavaScript error.

I have no idea how to fix that properly - I've tried to add the "{ disableFormats: true }" option to the "Ext.XTemplate" call, but that kills the stylesheet for the week view...
Steps To Reproduce1. go to "Calendar"
2. click "Day"
3. click "Sheet"
4. click "Print" - it will hang
5. Press F5 to reload page
6. go to "Calendar"
7. click "Week"
8. click "Sheet"
9. click "Print" - it will hang
Tagscalendar print day week sheet


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2017-09-18 09:15

administrator   ~0020700

I think this is got fixed in the "2017.08.4 Community Edition" can you please verify it?


2017-09-18 11:19

reporter   ~0020702

Okay, I've upgraded to 2017.08.4

The situation is as follows:

Using Firefox 55.0.3 (64bit): under each of the day, week and month views it doesn't hang at "Preparing print, please wait..." any more but doesn't do anything either. Meaning: the message appears after clicking the "Print" button and disappears after one/two seconds. Nothing more happens then. No error messages in JavaScript console.

Using Irdium 58.0 (64bit): printing works under every view and every mode (grid, sheet) *thumbsup*

Using Seamonkey 2.48 (64bit): same behaviour as under Firefox


2017-09-18 17:38

reporter   ~0020716

Suggested fix in "/Tinebase/js/Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.debug.js" and the minified version (Tine 2017.08.04):

at line 97:

/******/ // __webpack_public_path__
/******/ __webpack_require__.p = "/";

changed into (see "frozn"):

/******/ // __webpack_public_path__
/******/ __webpack_require__.p = ""; // frozn

works fine now.


2017-09-19 08:43

reporter   ~0020718

I've tried:
cd Tinebase/js
cp -pv Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js.bak
cp -pv Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.debug.js Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js
nano Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js
then edited line 98 according to your suggestion:
sed -n '98p' Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.debug.js
/******/ __webpack_require__.p = "";

No change in behaviour unfortunately - maybe I'm doing the patch wrongly?


2017-09-19 09:40

reporter   ~0020720

did you empty the browser cache?


2017-09-19 09:43

reporter   ~0020722

or: you copy "Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.debug.js" to "Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js" but edited the "Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.debug.js" afterwards? if so, then the edited line isn't in "Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js".


2017-09-19 09:45

reporter   ~0020724

Yep, and additionally pressed CTRL + F5 to forcibly reload all files. Using the debugger, I can confirm that it uses the modified JS file...


2017-09-19 09:51

reporter   ~0020726

Yeah, sorry; the SED line I've posted was brainfuck - I really have edited the correct file as well:
#diff Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.debug.js Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js^M
#sed -n '98p' Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.debug.js^M
/******/ __webpack_require__.p = "";
#sed -n '98p' Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT.js^M
/******/ __webpack_require__.p = "";

Tine20-modifiedJS.jpg (55,526 bytes)
Tine20-modifiedJS.jpg (55,526 bytes)


2017-09-19 09:59

reporter   ~0020728

hm, i switched back and forth between the original and my changed file. if my changes are in effect, printing the day/week as a sheet works nice, if not printing fails like you described in the bug report. i tested it in chrome 61.0.3163.91.


2017-09-19 10:03

reporter   ~0020730

your change looks right. then i don't have any clue why it doesn't work with you. :-(


2017-09-19 10:03

reporter   ~0020732

With "Iridium 58.0" which is Chrome/Chromium-based, I don't have problems either. Please try Firefox 55.0.3 if you have time and wish...


2017-09-19 10:10

reporter   ~0020734

tested it in firefox 55.0.3 (portable): with my changes, the loading box correctly disappears and didn't stay there, but the print dialog didn't open. there are so far no errors in the console. oO


2017-09-21 13:48

reporter   ~0020760

well, anything else I can try (apart from installing Chrome/Chromium/Iridium on every employee's computer)?


2017-10-05 13:30

administrator   ~0020880

guys, i have no idea what you are trying. this is my fix
- win.document.execCommand('print', false, null);
+ if (!win.document.execCommand('print', false, null)) {
+ win.print();
+ }


2017-10-05 13:31

administrator   ~0020882


2017-10-05 22:10

administrator   ~0020884

quote frozn (per mail), installation from subdir:

my suggested fix is still necessary. without my fix the following resource couldn't be loaded if printing a day as a sheet:

400 GET http://<server>/Tinebase/js/html2canvas-b8a97f52c29fda54576c-FAT.js

the loading box didn't disappear and the print dialog didn't open, too. with my and your fix, all works fine, also in firefox:

200 GET http://<server>/tine/Tinebase/js/html2canvas-b8a97f52c29fda54576c-FAT.js

@frozn: and this is FF only? - this would mean we have a problem with webpack itself


2017-10-06 22:20

reporter   ~0020888

no, this problem exists in chrome, too.

All occurrences of "__webpack_require__.p" (webpack public path) in "Tinebase-9f8ab1c17479c3728541-FAT-debug.js" are assigned with "" except the place I have mentioned. there it is assigned with "/", which seems to be wrong.


2017-10-12 20:11

administrator   ~0020936

Last edited: 2017-10-12 20:23

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I can't reproduce this. also if I don't install in the docroot.

@frozn: which installation type do you have? is it a deb/rpm installation with default web server setup (/tine20 as alias) or a source package installed in the tine20 subdir of the docroot?



2017-10-13 08:52

reporter   ~0020942

> guys, i have no idea what you are trying. this is my fix
> - win.document.execCommand('print', false, null);
> + if (!win.document.execCommand('print', false, null)) {
> + win.print();
> + }

confirmed - with this modification and running on 2017.08.6 the "Print Page" button works in Firefox now...


2017-10-13 16:01

administrator   ~0020958

@nbe-renzel-net do you have your installation in the docroot ( or in a subdir (


2017-10-13 16:16

reporter   ~0020960

DocRoot - it's an own vHost for Tine20...


2017-10-13 18:23

reporter   ~0020964

it's a standard installation of apache 2.4.28 under windows 10 with php 7.1.7 as a module. it runs as a service. in "httpd.conf" I only added the suggested rewrite rule for active sync. in my htdocs folder i created the subfolder "tine" and extracted the content of "" into it. a few days ago I did a fresh installation, and tested It again today with same result: with __webpack_require__.p = "" it works fine, with __webpack_require__.p = "/" there is the 400 for "http://<server>/Tinebase/js/html2canvas-b8a97f52c29fda54576c-FAT.js".

my steps to reproduce:
- switch to calendar
- switch to day/sheet
- push little arrow right of "print page" and select "sheet".

rewrite rule:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync(.*) /tine/index.php?frontend=activesync [E=REMOTE_USER:%{HTTP:Authorization},L,QSA]


2018-01-12 09:49

administrator   ~0021314

this problem is strange - i still can't reproduce it.

if somebody has a build setup in place, please try to remove line 57 from Tinebase/js/webpack.common.js
publicPath: '/',
do the build and see if it resolves the problem.

Next release (2017.08.11) we'll also build with this setting. please try if it helps


2018-01-12 09:50

administrator   ~0021316

I set it to resolved in 2017.08.11. let's see if it helps. Please reopen if not.

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