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0013486Tine 2.0Calendarpublic2017-09-26 10:16
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Summary0013486: private events: show whose calendar it is...
DescriptionWe use layered calendar views (meaning: other users calendar merged into one view using the "attendee" multi-selection box below the calendars view tree).

Whenever a user has got a private event, there's a grey block shown, but not whose grey block it is. In order to get the attendee/organisator of the private event, we'll have to uncheck persons in the multi-selection box until the corresponding grey block disappears.

Is there a way to show whose private event (resp. whose calendar) a grey block represents? Maybe by just re-enabling to top right value field in the event overview pane? At the moment there's just a "No information" for private events. Just printing "User's personal calendar" would be more than enough I think...
Steps To Reproduce1. User A creates a private event
2. User A grants READ access to his calender to user B
3. User B layers calendar of User A - sees private event of User A as grey block but does not know that this grey block is User A
Tagsattendee, calendar, information, no, organizator, private


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