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0013538Tine 2.0CalDAVpublic2017-10-11 17:41
ReportercweissAssigned Tocweiss 
Status gerritResolutionopen 
Product Version2016.11.12 Egon Business Edition 
Target Version2016.11.13 Egon Business EditionFixed in Version 
Summary0013538: macOS 10.13 - event exceptions mixed up after THISANDFUTURE update
DescriptionmacOS 10.13 - event exceptions mixed up after THISANDFUTURE update
Steps To Reproduce* create daily event
* delete start+1 (THIS)
* change start+2 (THIS)
* delete start+4 (THIS)
* change start+5 (THIS)
* change start+3 (THISANDFUTURE)

-> exceptions are mixed up
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2017-10-09 18:20

administrator   ~0020910

iCal changed the way THISANDFUTURE is implemented:

in the good old days the old series was finished at the split date and a new series was created

* the a new series is created for the past/left side series
* the future/right side series remains
* no reference between the series - independend PUT requests
=> (past) exceptions of the existing series can't move to the newly created series


2017-10-11 17:41

administrator   ~0020926

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