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0013582Tine 2.0CalDAVpublic2017-11-09 14:48
ReporterlhitcAssigned Topschuele 
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PlatformCore i7 NotebookOSLinux MintOS Version18.2
Product Version2017.08.8 Community Edition 
Target Version2017.08.9 Community EditionFixed in Version2017.08.9 Community Edition 
Summary0013582: Tine sends an invalid VTODO during sync, when a task is marked as done
DescriptionI'm using DAVdroid for syncing my Android device with Tine.
When I mark a task as done in the Tine web UI, that is not synced to the device.
Marking the task as done on the Android device syncs fine.
Everything else is also syncing fine.

I first reported this as a bug to DAVdroid, but apparently Tine is the source of the problem for being non-conformant to the relevant RFC.
For details see
Steps To Reproduce1. create an unfinished task in the Tine web UI
2. sync CalDAV data to the Android device (sync app is DAVdroid, Google Playstore version)
3. the task appears correctly on the Android device
4. set the task to "done" in the Tine web UI
5. sync again
6. the task is still marked as unfinished
Additional InformationPlease note that changing the Android DAV sync app is not an option, since DAVdroid is currently the only one working correctly in background with Android 7.




2017-10-25 21:26

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I can confirm that Tine20 sets the COMPLETED property incorrectly as a local time with TZID. According to the spec, this should be in UTC, unlike DUE which should be local if the DTSTART is local. I'd call this inconsistency, but that's what it is.
DUE Ref:

Interestingly enough, it passes iCalendar validator.

I believe the fix is easy and I'll try to get this done ASAP.



2017-10-28 10:08

developer   ~0021050



2017-11-09 13:57

administrator   ~0021102

thanks for the PR. we'll review that soon.


2017-11-09 14:48

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change has been merged :)

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