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0013610Tine 2.0ActiveSyncpublic2017-12-07 18:17
ReporterapvitAssigned Topschuele 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2017.08.9 Community Edition 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0013610: Mail-format damaged when forwarded by Android-device via Active Sync
DescriptionWe have several Android devices connected to Tine20 via Active Sync.

When forwarding a mail using an Android-device, the format of the forwarded mail ist damaged somewhere on the way to the recepient. Format of the forwardig mail is OK.

We have testet it on several Android-smartphones of different brands. The error occors with all of them.

It seems, the error occurs since release 2017.08.9 Community Edition.
Steps To ReproduceForward a mail from an Android device, which is connected to Tine20 via Active Sync.
Format of forwarding mail is good.
Format of forwarded mail is damaged.
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related to 0013546 feedbackpschuele Samsung Android Device produces fatal Errors on the Server side 




2017-11-07 14:00

developer   ~0021092

Not really sure, but this error could be related to 0013546.


2017-12-07 18:17

administrator   ~0021232

just tried that with a mantis email. the mail is added twice to the body. the second time, all linebreaks are missing. there is something wrong with forwarding via ActiveSync on Android...

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