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0013640Tine 2.0Felamimailpublic2018-03-01 17:57
ReporterapvitAssigned Topschuele 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2017.08.9 Community Edition 
Target Version2018.02.2 Community EditionFixed in Version2018.02.2 Community Edition 
Summary0013640: Search for recepients brings irrelevant results
DescriptionThe search for recepients in felamimail, brings irrelevant results.
See attached file. Mail addresses have been removed for confidentiality reasons. The search text does not occur in any of them, except of the searched address.
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2017-11-24 11:39




2018-01-11 15:01

administrator   ~0021306


do you have activated the "extended search" option in your user preferences (see screenshot)?

this extends the search to all related records of the contacts you have access to.



2018-01-15 08:17

developer   ~0021320

Extended search was activated.
But we found out, that this is not the problem.

The problem ist, that the search function also looks into field description.
So, when the search-string occurs in the description field, the search is positive an the name of the contact is being displayed in the list.

We sometimes import addresses, where certain names are in the field "description".
We solved the problem temporarily, by eliminating the names via sql.
But it would be better, if the search function would search only in the name-fields and eventually in email-address-fields.


2018-03-01 17:57

administrator   ~0021478

this has been solved. the search for email recipients searched in the record paths ...

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