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0013724Tine 2.0Otherpublic2018-02-05 14:45
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Target Version2017.11.4 Caroline Business EditionFixed in Version2017.11.4 Caroline Business Edition 
Summary0013724: Change of apache.conf
DescriptionYour apache.conf supports eighter php5 or php7, not both, but there is a simple solution to support both versions.
Simply change apache.conf like that:

# begin change
<IfModule mod_php5.c>

<IfModule IfModule mod_php7.c>

   # (orignal config lines here)
# end change

Additional InformationSorry for the highest priority, but otherwise you might view this feature-request in some months (or years) and then it might be outdated. As this request provides a solution and the change might be only a few minutes (or less than an hour including the documentation), I decided to misuse the priority to gain your focus on this task.
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updated config to in docs/htaccess and the deb packages.

thanks @estradis for the hint.

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