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Summary0013726: table "container_content": over 13041450 rows - in words: thirteen million rows - how to cleanup?
DescriptionWe're syncing our Tine20 installation with our Active Directory every hour using a cron job. Tine20 has been running for about 10 months now.

The PostgreSQL dumps are growing and growing - about 6 MB larger every day (gzip'ed compressed dumps). And I wondered why.

Looking at the database directly, I see that the table "tine20_container_content" now contains about 13 million rows. Most rows are for "container_id=1" which equals to our "Internal Contacts" that are updated with every Active Directory sync.

Is that really neccessary that this table grows so large? Are there any caveats if I delete all entries "WHERE container_id=1 AND action='update'"? I see that this table is used within the "syncotron" library so I better ask here before I delete the - in my eyes - unneccessary entries.

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