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0013740Tine 2.0Tinebasepublic2018-01-31 20:09
Reporterlab-at-nohlAssigned To 
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Product Version2017.08.11 Community Edition 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0013740: Reopen Bug 0013512 - Wrong Quota in Admin panel for Cyrus Imap Backend
DescriptionFix is not sufficient. And interferes with other code.

Mail Quota uses three different units atm.
- IMAP command QUOTA = Kilobytes (RFC822.SIZE, in units of 1024 octets, see RFC 2087)
- Tine 2.0 GUI = Megabytes (full integer means MByte)
- DB and Ldap backends = Bytes

Your fix convert between MByte and Byte only. It works for DB/ldap backends only (on updating cache). It doesn't harm because other backends do not store quota on update cache (they rely only on IMAP-Quota).

Created patch for Cyrus-Backend. Can't estimate effects on others (don't think so):
Additional InformationCreate a new ticket because I'm not allowed to reopen existing!
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