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0013746Tine 2.0Addressbookpublic2018-02-04 11:47
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Product Version2017.08.11 Community Edition 
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Summary0013746: selection of all addresses on all pages doesn't work with compose email
DescriptionDifferent ways to choose recipients for emails give different results:

If contacts are selected bei left click - even by selecting multiple contacts with Ctrl or Shift key it works correctly:
 right clicking on Compose -> BCC adds the addresses to BCC fields.

If you add contacts over the "Select all pages" mechanism in the addressbook, CC and BCC are ignored and addresses are always entered into TO fields in a new email.

The "Select all pages" mechanism in the "Search Receipients"-dialog in felamimail works.

Steps To Reproduce- go to addressbook-app and choose an address book
- click on "[ ] 0 selected" button on the top right of the contact list and choose "Select all pages"
- right-click on the selected emails and choose "Compose -> BCC" in the context menu

An email-window with all selected addresses in TO fields (instead of BCC)
It is the same if you choose CC, this also results in TO


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