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0013830Tine 2.0Calendarpublic2018-04-24 21:57
ReportersstamerAssigned Tocweiss 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2017.11.7 Caroline Business Edition 
Target Version2017.11.8 Caroline Business EditionFixed in Version 
Summary0013830: rrule_constraints can't cope with virtual subfolder structure
Description"repeat exept calendar x" doas not like Calendars inside subfolders for example shared/test/calendar
Steps To Reproduce1. Create calendar shared/test/foo
2. create event in personal calendar
3. repeat event daily exept > select shared/test/foo
4. save!
Additional InformationIhre Eingabedaten sind ung├╝ltig. Bitte tragen Sie korrekte Daten ein.
specialNode shared/test/b58b96b95681c930179161051b7da8c942308cb2 not supported.
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