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0013854Tine 2.0Felamimailpublic2018-05-03 18:08
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Product Version2018.02.3 Community Edition 
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Summary0013854: Can't update Email Accounts without Sieve Server
DescriptionI am unable to update the email account of a user in a setup that does not use sieve.
Hitting save results in

 Tinebase_Exception::logExceptionToLogger::133 Felamimail_Exception_Sieve -> Could not authenticate with user XXX (cannot write - connection closed?).

because the sieve server hostname is "".
The sieve notification email is empty. Debugging leads to
Felamimail/Controller/Account.php line 452:

 452 if ($updatedRecord->sieve_notification_email != $currentRecord->sieve_notification_email) {

In this case, the left side was "" but the right side was NULL, leading this function to believe a valid sieve configuration exists and should be updated, which fails, lacking a sieve server.

I am not sure if this difference is due to an update, but I did not manually change the database.
Steps To Reproduce* Setup an email account with IMAP/SMTP but no sieve (before an update?)
* Try to change the IMAP password later

Expected: Password change
Actual: Error message about connection that does not hint at Sieve being the problem
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2018-05-03 18:08

reporter   ~0021732

Of course the original line contains !==. As a workaround, I used !=, which allowed me to update the account in question.

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