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0007794Tine 2.0Felamimailpublic2018-04-19 16:41
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Summary0007794: E-mail preview panel to the right instead of bottom
DescriptionSince there are more and more LCD displays nowdays using 16:10 screen aspect ratio replacing the old ones using 4:3, it becomes difficult to read long e-mail messages in the preview panel which is below the message list.

It would be nice to have a (per-user) option to display the message list and the message preview panel as two vertical columns, instead of two horizontal rows as it is now.

On today's high resolution wide screens there's plenty of room to fit all the usual message list columns in half of the width it uses now. The extra benefit would be that the messages list could be twice as long, thus easier to find things, without needing to scroll.

Many people (like me) hate to open a new window for each message, as the workspace becomes cluttered with so many open windows. Much easier to keep all in a single window.
Additional Informationfrom 0006896:

Für das Emailtemplate wäre eine 3 Spaltenansicht des Layouts hilfreich. Die Emailliste und die Vorschau würde man dementsprechend nicht Horizontal sondern Vertikal aufteilen. Es währe gut, wenn man diese Ansicht alternativ wählen könnte, damit man das Template optimal an seinem Bildschirm anpassen kann. Für ein Breitbildschirm ist aber ein 3 Spaltenlayout besser geeignet.


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2013-02-12 16:11


roundcube_rows.png (320,129 bytes)


2013-02-12 16:11


roundcube_columns.png (406,308 bytes)


2013-02-12 16:12

reporter   ~0010136

Just to show how Roundcube solved this, using plugin "threecol".


2018-03-25 20:50

reporter   ~0021574


Any news on this? I had to drop using Tine 5 years ago because my boss required this, I'm still fan of Tine but as long as it's not 3 column my boss doesn't allow me to deploy it.

Even Roundcube (and thus Kolab) has this feature now by default (as selectable option).



2018-03-26 10:35

developer   ~0021576

I'd second this, I have a 16:9 and have two very long rows, two columns would be much easier.


2018-04-19 16:41

administrator   ~0021648

i'm sorry, but there are no news on this. but we have this on our priority list for email client improvements.

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